Jonny and Holly Wedding

Jonny and Holly held their Festival Themed Wedding at South Causey Inn in County Durham, UK in June. It was a typical English summer day with sunshine, thunderstorms and showers. South Causey Inn is situated near the village of Stanley amongst rolling hills and farmers fields.  It was a fantastic wedding, with the festival theme and music playing a large part. Jonny is the singer and lead guitarist in a punk bank, who delivered a powerful set in the evening. They were accompanied by their family and friends, some of whom they called their “Punk Family” as they met through their shared interest in the music. Holly and her bridesmaids wore a more hippy style with flowers in their hair, that said Holly still wore her Doc Martins under her wedding dress. It was a really good wedding with lots of smiles and laughter. Stacey and I felt honoured to be a part of it.

Most photographers have the same aim as myself, which is to delight their clients and it should go without saying that they would want to produce images that are personal, stylish and emotive. I love seeing people’s reactions when they view their photographs for the first time, but it is just as important to ensure that it will become a joyous feeling for years to come. Every wedding is special and every one I shoot is an honour to be a part of. There will be opportunities to be creatively bold and daring, and there will be times when simplicity should be the main driver. I will bring with me a bag of ideas, with space for new ones supplied by you the client. I love to create a set of pictures that tell the story of a wonderful wedding, evoke the magic of the day and capture the happiness it brings.

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