Lee & Sarah’s Wedding

Lee and Sarah were married in August at the historic church of St. Mary the Virgin and local historians believe an earlier wooden building may have pre-dated the Norman built Church.  I met with Sarah and her bridal party as they were preparing for the big day, it was a busy house but eventually everyone left apart from myself, Sarah and Sarah’s Dad. These moments are quite special for a bride and her father, but they kindly agreed to have a couple of photographs taken. At the church, Lee waiting in anticipation with nervous laughter alongside his best man, his brother Jon. It was a lovely ceremony conducted by the parish priest. Their reception was held at The Black Horse Inn at Beamish, County Durham UK which has a splendid lavender field adjacent to the venue. The evening turned out to be lovely and sunny after a few rainstorms, so we were fortunate to capture a lovely warm sunset before heading back to the dancefloor. Stacey and I would like to thank Lee and Sarah for choosing us as their wedding photographers, it was a really lovely day.

Most photographers have the same aim as ourselves, which is to delight their clients and it should go without saying that they would want to produce images that are personal, stylish and emotive. We love seeing people’s reactions when they view their photographs for the first time, but it is just as important to ensure that it will become a joyous feeling for years to come. Every wedding is special and every one we shoot is an honour to be a part of. There will be opportunities to be creatively bold and daring, and there will be times when simplicity should be the main driver. We will bring with me a bag of ideas, with space for new ones supplied by you the client. We love to create a set of pictures that tell the story of a wonderful wedding, evoke the magic of the day and capture the happiness it brings.

We have a sense of humour and an unobtrusive informal approach that will make you feel at ease being the centre of attention. Although we are influenced by current styles and fashions in wedding photography what we do on a wedding day is a reaction to you and what happens on your big day.

We set myself high standards and we are passionate about taking great images however in my opinion the best photos come from people who are not aware they are being photographed. We therefore like to work in a reportage style and enjoy mixing in with your guests wherever possible; we find this really helps to capture the intimate moments and genuine happiness of your family and friends as they are at their most relaxed. We will recommend shots that we trust you will like, however if you have any specific ideas then we will make sure that we accommodate your wishes.



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