Brides – 3 Top Tips

Brides – 3 Top Tips

“With your Kiss, My Life Begins” – Wild is the Wind by N. Washington

Having attended numerous weddings, here are my 3 top tips for future brides

1. The Bridesmaids
At a recent wedding, two bridesmaids accidentally put on each other’s dresses but did not realised until they were about to get in the bridal car. They thought this was hilarious, unfortunately this resulted in a very stressed bride, who was 40 minutes late for the ceremony.

Tip: Everything will take longer than expected or anticipated, so build in plenty of chill time just in case.

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2. The Photographer
Have two pre-wedding discussions with your photographer. Discussion #1 should be about options, suggestions and must haves. Discussion #2 should be to review the above.

Tip: Many couples seek informality and reportage style but then realise that they also want some formality to capture family groups after all.

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3. The Men
Worst case scenario, one of the guys is bursting for the gents or faints during the ceremony.

Tip: Make sure that food drink intake pre-wedding is appropriate.


“Nowadays it’s hip not to be married, I’m not interested in being hip” – John Lennon

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