Local Networking

Local Networking

I have just started an experiment by networking with local businesses. I thought about scenarios where by future brides may be discussing their wedding plans with their favourite hairdresser. The topic of photography may well be raised. They question is how could I position myself as a point of referral? What would influence a hairdresser recommend me?

Ordinarily, I would offer to reciprocate accordingly, however in reality how likely is that a potential bride would ask a photographer for a beauty salon referral? Never! So the alternative would be to offer to do some work for the salon, for example, taking shots of their clients or models, perhaps a before and after comparison.

The nicest people I met were from a florist in Whitley Bay, Cornflower Blue. Please check out their website www.cornflowerblue.org.uk if you get the chance. I also purchased a nice bouquet for my wife, which went down well. I will keep you advised on the success or otherwise of my experiment.

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