Websites for Photography

Websites for Photography

I am pleased to see my contribution to NPhoto Magazine Issue No. 50 Sept 2015, here is the text:-

“Any potential client will expect a pro to have an attractive website displaying examples of their work and services. I undertook desktop research and read numerous papers including NPhoto. I also looked at the sites of other photographers. After purchasing my domain via a hosting provider, I chose the wordpress platform and a photo theme. I thought that I would have the skills to self-build, but I soon realised that I would need support. I turned to Zealous Web Design, who made the site easily updatable and provided comfort in the terms of future proofing. It took about a month to get things up and running and I am still tweaking things, for example, I am now setting up a shop area for my landscape sales. I am very pleased with the outcome whilst continuing to ensure that the site remains relevant and visually interesting. In retrospect I wish I had engaged with the web design company from the start.”

NPhoto Editorial team added “You can see more of Laurence’s stunning photography at his great-looking website at:”.

If you are considering creating a new website for your business, please give me a call and I would be happy to share my experiences.


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